About Us

Hi, and thanks for visiting our website.

We are not here to sell you real estate but to provide interesting articles about real estate, agents and buying.

The name Sculpture Lingerie came about from our two main real estate agents Mary and Kathy.
Mary does sculpture and pottery classes in her spear time and Kathy likes sewing and had completed a few sexy lingerie pieces for a bride to be recently.
We combined both there passions and hence sexy real estate and Sculpture Lingerie as the eye catching phrase.

We are 3 independent women who have each been in real estate for over 8 years and get asked or have seen some things in our time while selling real estate.
Our decision to come together and start a real estate blog was made in June 2017, and after deciding on a name, website design and articles to write and publish, it took another 6 months but hey we are finally doing it!

Drop us an email anytime or if you have any questions we are only to happy to help.

Mary, Kathy and Jennifer xx